The Selkirk Loop Survey

Thank you for taking a few moments to fill out our survey! There are only 27 questions, and typically take less than 5 minutes to complete. And here’s your reward: We’ll enter you in a drawing for a 3-day/2-night vacation on the Loop including accommodations, activities and even some shopping and dining certificates! Just follow the instructions at the end of the survey.


1. What are your main reasons for visiting the website? (Select all that apply.)
I am planning a first-time trip to the International Selkirk Loop
I am planning a return visit to the International Selkirk Loop
I wanted information about all the activities in and around the International Selkirk Loop
I wanted information about a specific place or activity in or around the International Selkirk Loop
I wanted to order a free copy of the Travel Guide
I wanted to keep up with the latest news and happenings around the International Selkirk Loop
I am looking for information about the general region
I wanted to visit because the Selkirk Loop is a Top 10 Scenic Drive in the Northern Rockies
Other (specify) :  
2. How much of a factor is the National Scenic Byway Designation a motivator to come to travel the International Selkirk Loop?
Greatly influenced
Influenced enough to request more information
Coming to the area anyway
Being a National Scenic Byway will not influence my decision to visit
3. What year did you, or are you planning to, visit the Selkirk Loop?
Planning:Already visited:
4. What is the status of your current vacation plans to the International Selkirk Loop?
Already visited the Selkirk Loop.
Planning a Selkirk Loop vacation.
Gathering information; not yet committed to visit the Selkirk Loop.
Other, please specify  :  
5. What season are you planning to visit the Selkirk Loop?
Winter (December through February)
Spring (March through May)
Summer (June through August)
Fall (September through November)
6. How far in advance are you planning your trip?
Less than 1 month
1 to 2 months
3 to 4 months
5 to 6 months
More than 6 months
7. What type of information are you looking for when planning a trip to the International Selkirk Loop? (Select all that apply.)
Area events
Airports or airport cities that service the Selkirk Loop region
Border crossing information
Books about the International Selkirk Loop, or the region
Artisans and galleries
Museums, cultural/historic venues and sites
Indian culture and powwows
Other :  
8. Which of the following resources are the most important to you in planning your vacation? (Select all that apply).
E-mail offers or e-newsletters
Print magazines
Selkirk Loop Travel Guide/Map
Social media (i.e. Facebook, YouTube)
Travel agent or tour operator
Local chambers of commerce
AAA/CAA tour books
Other (please specify) :  
9. Which of the following types of activities or attractions would you enjoy? (Select all that apply).
Wildlife viewing
Bird watching
Scenic drives
Fall colors tour
Attend event or festival
Visiting artisans and galleries
Riding the tour train
Riding the free Kootenay Lake ferry
ATV/OHV riding
Horseback riding
Downhill skiing/snowboarding
Cross country skiing
Other (please specify) :  
10. Out of your entire vacation, how many days do you plan to spend on the Selkirk Loop?
Number of days
11. How many people will be in your travel group?
Number of people
12. Approximately how much in total do you plan to spend while visiting the Selkirk Loop, including all transportation, lodging and accommodations, gifts, food, etc.?
I plan to spend:
13. What type of accommodations are you planning to use while visiting the Selkirk Loop?
Luxury accommodations
Hotel or motel
Bed & Breakfast
Condominium/vacation rental
RV park or campground
Rustic lodge
Other (please specify) :  
14. Would you be likely to use discount coupons for fuel, lodging, food, etc., on your trip if we provided them to you?
I would definitely use them
I would most likely use them
I might or might not use them
I would be unlikely to use them
I would definitely not use them
15. How will you travel to and around the Selkirk Loop?
Fly to regional airport, then rent a car
Drive personal vehicle
Drive an RV
Tour bus or other bus
Other (please specify) :  
16. Would you find it useful to have information on our website about the airport cities serving the Selkirk Loop - Spokane, WA, Cranbrook, B.C., and Calgary, AB?
Very useful - I would use it
Moderately useful - I would likely use it
A little useful - I might or might not use it
Not at all useful - I would not use it
17. Did you begin planning to visit the Selkirk Loop as a result of any of the following sources? (Select all that apply.)
Magazine article
Magazine advertisement
Newspaper article
Search engine results
Advertisement or link on another website
Information obtained at a visitor center
Information ordered from a state or provincial tourism office
Brochure picked up in a brochure rack
Word of mouth (from friends, family, etc.)
No, none
Other (please specify) :  
18. Do you use the internet to plan your vacation travel?
Not at all
19. Do you use the internet to book your accommodations/lodging reservations?
Not at all
20. Would cell phone access to a mobile version of for information about weather, road construction, area events, activities, etc. be useful to you once you're enroute to the Selkirk Loop?
Very useful - I would definitely use it
Moderately useful - I would likely use it
A little useful - I might or might not use it
Not at all useful - I would likely not use it
I do not have a cell phone
21. In the next few years, would you say that you ...
Definitely will visit the Selkirk Loop
Most likely will visit the Selkirk Loop
May or may not visit the Selkirk Loop
Probably will not visit the Selkirk Loop
Definitely will not visit the Selkirk Loop
22. Please enter the zip/postal code of your permanent residence.

The International Selkirk Loop is promoted by a nonprofit organization and the following questions will provide information to help us apply for grants and better serve the needs of travelers around the Loop. These questions are optional, but all information we do collect is held in strict confidence and will never be sold, traded or given to any third party.

23. What is your age group?

Under 21
70 or above
24. What is your gender?
25. Approximately what is your current annual household income (in U.S. dollars)?
Under $25,000
$25,000 to $49,000
$50,000 to $74,999
$75,000 to $99,999
$100,000 to $149,999
$150,000 to $199,999
$200,000 and up
26. What is your educational background?
High school
College degree
University degree
Advanced degree (Masters/PhD)
27. One more question! Would you like to put your name in the hat for our prize drawing for the 3-day vacation on the Loop? *
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